Journey towards 15mm

Starting a new scale is always frightening. Most of the knowledge and how-to accumulated in previous projects becomes obsolete and one must learn again. But it’s a journey worth taking if one wants to push the tabletop to enjoy bigger battles and discover new tactical challenges.

Initially the plan is to begin with WW2 company sized actions in the Eastern front using the ruleset I Ain’t Been Shot Mum by Too Fat Lardies. Although I also want to check ‘O’ Group by Reisswitz Press and Battlegroup by Plastic Soldiers Company.

After much deliberation and some tests, I decided to base my 15mm men groups of 3 and 2 figures on 30mm washers. That should allow quick movement while giving a certain degree of casualty counting and without looking too crammed.

The painting phase has just started, but I can already tell that one must be extra careful with 15mm rifles, as they bend easily. On the bright side, no eyes to paint.

Meanwhile work slowly continues on my 28mm Op. Marlet Chain of Command and AWI Sharp Practice 2 projects. There has even been some work on the side project What a Cowboy western town.

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