Created in 2023, Crimson Errant is a new project to share information about wargaming to like minded individuals. Especially oriented for those with stressful lives who seek in gaming a way to disconnect.

It’s a platform that allows me and my main wargaming partner to delve into many of our shared interests: history, military science, art, photography, military simulation, etc. All while creating a visual spectacle on the tabletop. The perfect “go to” for all of us who need a break from screens.

In addition, writing blog posts allows me to organize my ideas which can often be a bit dispersed. Hence, be warned, I may ramble on sometimes.

Skirmish wargames will be the focus of the site, as they are what we enjoy the most. They allow a nice recreation of their theme while being manageable in time and size -form 2 to 70 figures per size-.

Among all possible wargames, our favorites tend to be those created by TooFatLardies. They manage to capture the historical period they are set in, while been extremely fun. Among them our top 3 would be:

You can check my former wargaming blog at: Korppiā€™s Nest


Have you found any inaccuracy or want to suggest an interesting topic for the site. Feel free to e-mail us at: contact@crimsonerrant.com